Enhanced Reliability-670W Vertex Module

Trina Solar released a series of testing results on the mechanical reliability of the 670W Vertex module. Covering six tests, including static mechanical load test and five rigorous tests including non-uniform snow-load test, extreme low-temperature mechanical Load test, hail test, extreme DML test and extreme wind tunnel test, the serial testing results achieved an across-the-board verification of the excellent mechanical load reliability of the 670W Vertex modules.

Static Load

Non-uniform Snow Load

Static Loading Under -40℃

Hail Impact

Enhanced Dynamic Load

Wind Tunnel Test

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Non-uniform Snow Load Test

Test modules: 210-670W bifacial and dual-glass modules, clamping installation.

Test result: The critical snow-load of Trina Solar's five modules exceeded 6,600 Pa, getting up to 7,000 Pa, equivalent to the pressure generated by 2.8 meters of snow. After the test, the power degradation is only 0.56%.

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Enhanced Dynamic Load Test

Test moudle:210-670W single glass module, bolt-mounted in the crossbeam; 210-670W bifacial and dual-glass modules, bolt-mounted/clamping installation.

Test results: 210 mm Vertex 670W dual-glass module has passed the 20,000 cycles, 20-fold extreme testing, the DML reliability of the module has been fully validated.

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Wind Tunnel Test

Test module:210-670W bifacial and dual-glass modules, Bolt-Mounted, 30° inclination.

Test result: The module remains intact when the wind speed reached 62.6m/s (225.4km/h or 140mph)

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Static Loading Test Under -40℃

Test modules: 210-670W single and dual glass modules, cross-beam screw installation.

Test result: 5400Pa at front side and 2400Pa at back side under -40°C.

The modules maintain in good appearance without cracks, and the testing of insulation and wet leakage are both passed, with power attenuation of only 0.11%.

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Hail Impact Test

Test module: 210-670W Single-glass module/ Duall-glass module

Test result: 35MM hail impact resistance with power attenuation of only 0.17%.

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