• Feature

    Sel-learning and independent decision making

  • Feature

    8% energy increase

  • Feature

    Smart Tracking and Smart BackTracking

  • Feature

    Smart monitoring and control

SuperTrack Smart Tracking algorithm achieves a validated 8% energy increase

✔ Proprietary SuperTrack Smart Tracking algorithm combines Smart Tracker algorithm and Smart Backtracking algorithm

  • • Smart Tracking algorithm increasesenergy productionin overcast days and otherhighly diffuse irradiance conditions
  • • Smart Backtracking l algorithmreduces generation lossesdue torow-to-row shadingin terrains with multiple slopes

✔ Meteorological data share between NCUs

✔ Easy and fast deployment

✔ Power increased validated by China General Certification (CGC) and Société Générale de Surveillance (SGS)

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