TrinaTracker Vanguard 1P

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    Piles reduction

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    Slope tolerance N-S

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    with cleaning robots

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    Torsion resistant increase

TrinaTracker Vanguard 1P deserts

The best tracker solution for desert scenario

✔ Newly optimized Spherical Bearing with a surface and design that stops sand accumulations.
✔ Vanguard 1P damper has been optimized to avoid the introduction of sand and dust into the chamber.
✔ All motors, CTU and NCU devices, are water and dust proved, having successfully passed grade IP66, IEC 60529.
✔ The TCU is positioned high off the ground to prevent the intrusion of sand and dust.


Simplicity that leads to cost reduction

✔ Single-row 1 portray configuration tracker.
✔ Compatible with bifacial and ultra-high power modules + 670W.
✔ Innovativemodular designenables 17.5% installation time saving.
✔ Robust torque tube allows more distance between piles, reducing the number of foundations by 12%
✔ 90 modules per tracker.
✔ Slope tolerance up to 20º N-S.
✔ Comprehensive wind tunnel test performed by CPP.

Incredible stability and wind tolerance

✔ The Vanguard 1P has been designed to achieve reliability, safety, and stability even operating under extreme weather conditions, including all kinds of desert scenarios.
✔ Dual-damper system for high resistance to wind:

• 20% increase in the damping ratio.
• 30% decrease in the Dynamic Amplification Factor (DAF). Reduced oscillation time and spread.
• 20% higher tracking resistance to gusts in all directions.
• Maximum stability under higher wind speeds.

✔ Rounded edge robust torque tube design 130x130 for long spans and high loads:

• 12% bending resistance.
• 30% torsional resistance.

TrinaTracker Trina Clamp

Patented Spherical Bearing

✔ TrinaTracker proprietary technology globally patented.
✔ Reduces installation time by 15%.
✔ Self-maintenance.
✔ Improves terrain adaptability.
✔ Eliminates twist in posts and the fails on the driving.
✔ Avoids the need for calibration during the installation process.
✔ 15 years proven efficiency in harsh environments.

Spherical Bearing Whitepaper

TrinaTracker Trina Clamp

Trina Clamp reduces 65% installation time

✔ TrinaTracker proprietary technology globally patented.
✔ Quick and easy to use with the 1P configuration.
✔ Reduces module installation time.
✔ Reduces assembly cost.

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