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SEED Kounosu Research Institute

Kounosu, Saitama prefecture, Japan

  • 765.87kW
  • 3,038 Panels
  • Rooftop Installation of Research Institute

Leading contact lens company Seed decided to install a PV system on the rooftops of their two Research Institute buildings to utilize eco-friendly solar energy for efficient electricity generation and thermal insulation. Learn more

  • 100KW system
  • 400 Panels
  • Rooftop

Australia’s busiest regional airport is located in the Sunraysia district in far North Western Victoria, 550 kilometres from Melbourne and 400 kilometres from Adelaide and needed to develop to cater for increasing demand for air services, but faced an energy supply problem. Learn more.

India Habitat Centre

New Delhi, India

  • 250KWp System
  • 809 Panels
  • Rooftop

India Habitat Centre in New Delhi was facing a major problem of overloading at peak hours.The power bills were mounting. This photovoltaic (PV) project has become a showcase in environmentally-friendly buildings in Delhi after attaining major savings. Learn more.

Neemuch India

Madhya Pradesh, India

  • 151MW System
  • 600,000 Panels
  • Ground Mount

With Trina’s panel, the 151 MW solar plant at Neemuch is one of the largest solar projects in the world.Welspun Solar Madhya Pradesh Private Limited (WSMPPL) had won the project in May 2012 and complete in 2014. Learn more.

Tambo Real II

Vicuña, Chile

  • 2MW System
  • 8,5556 Panels
  • Ground mount

Kaltemp partnered with Trina because they knew Trina's high-quality products and innovative design would be able to perform well under the extreme conditions of the Atacama Desert. Learn more.


  • 706kW System
  • 2,830 Panels
  • Gound mount

This 706kW system is powered by 2,830 Trina Solar’s DUOMAX panels.This project marks the first of many installations of Trina Solar’s DUOMAX panels in North America. Learn more.

  • 12MW System
  • 40,000 Panels
  • Rooftop

The Sustainable City in Dubai is an initiative which combines economic, environmental, and social sustainability and aspires to become the first Net Zero energy community in the Middle East. The community is now successfully producing clean energy via solar panels to operate the entire city. Learn more

Treasury Winery

California, USA

  • 1.2MW
  • 5,432 Panels
  • Rooftop

This project included the installation of solar panels over the rooftops of the Treasury Winery Estates’ vineyards storage and grape crushing facilities. Learn more. 

  • 40MW system
  • 120,000 Panels
  • Floating System

On Sept. 27th of 2018, this project took the lead and became the first one to get synchronized in the industry that year at Huainan and Huaibei areas in Anhui province.Learn more.

Oshman Family JCC

California, USA

  • 38KW System
  • 1,840 Panels
  • Rooftop

Discover how the Oshman Family Jewish Community Center and Taube Koret Campus for Jewish Life in Palo Alto, California decided to power its buildings with renewable energy using Trina Solar's products. Learn more.


Balikesir City, Turkey

  • 247,500 kWh
  • 613 Panels
  • Ground-mounted

This initiative took place in one of the less arid areas of Turkey where the main economic activity is agriculture. The cost of energy to supply water for irrigation is highly significant.Learn more.

Italy Vicenza

Veneto, Italy

  • 3.3MW System
  • 16,382 Panels
  • Rooftop

The project started development in 2011, construction in 2012 and connected in 2012. It consists of 3 independent PV plants installed on a big industrial rooftop in northern Italy. Learn more.

Hybrid Regen India

Tamilnadu, India

  • 200KW System
  • 580 Panels
  • Hybrid Solar System

In collaboration with ReGen Power Tech, this project was installed in a MW class wind-solar park located at Vagarai, Tamil Nadu, India. It is the first of its kind project in India. Learn more.

  • 300MW System
  • 1,132,080 Panels
  • Ground mount

Invested in and constructed by Trina Solar, this ground-mounted installation was connected to the grid in 2015. With 300MW single installed capacity it is the largest PV power station of its kind in Yunnan. Learn more.

Serfontana Shopping Centre

Ticino, Switzerland

  • 85.600 kWh (annually)
  • 244 Panels
  • Commercial roof

 It was possible to significantly reduce adverse effects caused by the broad shadow of the tower by means of power optimization at module level and an atypical string arrangement at the same time.Learn more.

  • 20.4MW System
  • 78,160 Panels
  • Ground mount

Origis and Trina Solar partnered together and were able to build a solar project in Camilla,Georgia, for  the Georgia Power under tight deadlines and limited supplies. Learn more.

Toksun PV Park

Xinjiang, China

  • 90MW System
  • 300,672 Panels
  • Ground mount

Connected to the grid in December 2014, this 90 MW ground-mounted system is located in the PV park of Toksun, Xinjiang Province. It is powered by over 300,000 Trina Solar multicrystalline modules and covers an area of 3538 mu . Learn more.

  • 51MW System
  • 197,800 Panels
  • Agricultural

This 51MW installation in Tea Garden, Xishuangbanna, Yunnan is an agricultural complementation  project in Yunnan Province. It deploys Trina’s transparent dual glass modules erected on the tea trees. Learn more.

University of Queensland

Queensland, Australia

  • 1.22 MW System
  • 5,004 Panels
  • Rooftop

At the time of completion this sprawling installation was the largest commercial rooftop installation in Australia. Learn more.

Les Mées

Les Mées, Alpes de Haute Provence, France

  • 18.2MW System
  • 79'000 Panels
  • Solar Power Station

With an annual output of 26,000,000 kWh, this site developed by Enfinity enables electricity to be supplied to almost 9,000 families per year and prevents the production of more than 9,200 tonnes of CO2 annually.Learn more.

Greece Tanagra

Attika Region, Greece

  • 16MW System
  • 66,862 Panels
  • Ground Mount

Greece is a project where Trina is acting as IPP since July 2013.The Project consist of 22 PV Plants located in Greece mainland, northern of Athens. Learn more.

West Raynham UK

Norfolk, United Kingdom

  • 49.99MW System
  • 196,627 Panels
  • Ground Mount

The PV Plant, built in the former Royal Air Force West Raynham Airbase, has a capacity of approximately 50 MWp, representing the biggest PV plant operational in UK at the date of completion. Learn more.


Johannesburg, South Africa

  • 130 kW System
  • 490 Panels
  • Rooftop

Bazar & Bazar, fresh seafood wholesalers, commissioned Eldo Energy to initiate a commercial rooftop project, Trina Solar being the sole supplier of the required 130 kW of PV modules.Learn more.

Park Villas Rooftop

California, USA

  • 646kW System
  • 2,000 Panels
  • Rooftop

This is the largest Multi-family affordable Solar Housing (MASH) project in California and generated 775,000kWH of electricity annually, enough to power 144 housing units and property common areas. Learn more.  

  • 30MW System
  • 115,380 Panels
  • Rooftop

Located in Jingshang Trade Center of Xinzhan District, Hefei, Anhui Province, this DG project was connected to grid in December 2015. The 30 MW system is powered by over 110,000 Trina Solar 260W multicrystalline modules. Learn more.

  • 130MW system
  • 400,000 Panels
  • Floating System

The 130MW floating system has made full use of over 4,700 hectares of water areas created due to mining subsidence with a total investment of 915 million RMB. Learn more.

Cadiz Solar Power Plant

Cadiz, Philippines

  • 132.5 MW System
  • 129,100 Panels
  • Ground mount

The Cadiz Solar Power Plant was built to withstand the toughest weather conditions in a typhoon-prone area in Cadiz, Philippines and is one of the largest solar power facilities in Southeast Asia. Learn more.

  • 381KW System
  • 1,550 Panels
  • Rooftop

Located in the Qingnan Community, Qinghu Town, Donghai County, Lianyungang, this new village installation was completed in early 2014 providing Trina enabled power to 129 families in the community. Learn more.


All over Italy

  • 5.0MW System
  • 217000 Panels
  • Car parking shelter-mounted

In 2008 Enereco Energy Solutions won the contract to supply power-saving photovoltaic modules to be installed on car park shelter rooftops at service stations along the Italian motorway network.Learn more.